1. How can I get access to freebies?

Take a look at our website and browse the different freebie offers we have available. If you see something you like, click the ‘get freebie’ button and you will get redirected to the official company website where the free offer is hosted. Make sure to always read the instructions on the website and follow the guidelines. Freebies may take up to 28 days to arrive as long as you fill in basic information requested correctly.

2. Who is giving away the free stuff?

Freebies are offered by well known brands such as Gillette, Pampers, Fairy, Oral B, Huggies, Cadbury, Tesco, Nivea, L’Oreal, and more! We are able to painstakingly compile some of the top freebies found in the USA thanks to these companies and offer them on our website.

3. My freebie hasn’t arrived. Why is that?

At Freebiesfresh.com we do not actually stock any of the freebies. We host a number of links to campaigns that are the original vendors providing these freebies. Unfortunately, many of these companies do get a large number of freebie requests that may mean they have reached their quotas.

Freebies should arrive in 28 days, but they have been known to take longer in certain circumstances. If yours haven’t arrived, you can reach out to the campaign company and inquire about the whereabouts of your freebies.

4. What types of free stuff are offered?

There’s a wide range of items offered by websites on their freebies section. From toiletries such as shampoo, body lotion, creams, and toothpaste samples to common goods such as magazines and books. Head on over to our testimonials page to get a better idea of what kinds of freebies our users have received.

5. How often are freebie lists refreshed?

Our freebies are updated daily to reflect new campaigns. You can be the first to know about the latest freebie releases by subscribing to our newsletters or following our Facebook and Twitter pages.

6. Why are companies offering free stuff?

For most companies, giving away a set number of free products is a marketing strategy to get new customers interested. 70% of people that try new products and end up liking them will purchase full sized versions of them.

7. How can I get email updates when new freebies are released?

Just sign up to receive our newsletter with a valid email address. This will allow you to get access to at least weekly updates about the latest available freebie campaigns.

8. Is there any charge for using your services?

Our website is completely free and community based to offer the greatest deals found online. We are passionate freebie hunters and hope to spread this love of free stuff to others in the USA.

9. How can I avoid getting an inbox full of SPAM?

Whenever you sign up to receive freebies with your email, make sure you do NOT check any boxes that will sign you up for future communications from the originating company. All companies are different, but if you’re still concerned about SPAM, make sure to check out our personalized tips section on how to best avoid it.

On our website, we will never share or disclose your personal information. Your email address is only used to send our weekly newsletters as you originally subscribed.

The best way to avoid your primary email address from getting filled with SPAM is to create a new email account through Hotmail or Gmail that you can use for freebies. This way, you can avoid the hindrance of dealing with marketing messages.

10. What should I do with items I do not want?

If you receive an item or two that you will never use, donate it to a good cause such as a local food bank. You can also pass them to friends or family members who will appreciate it.

11. Is there someone my company can contact to conduct an interview?

Use our contact form to directly send us a message, but make sure to fill in your contact details so we can get in touch with you. Our website has been featured in a wide array of newspapers and on USA websites, so we’re always grateful for extra publicity.

Our press information page will provide you with any detailed facts or figures that you may need for your own records.

12. Do you have an extensive privacy policy?

If you have any privacy concerns, make sure to read our in depth privacy policy HERE.

13. What happens if I have any more questions?

If you have any more questions or concerns that haven’t already been addressed, make sure to fill out our contact form and await our response in 24 hours or less.