How It Works?

If you want access to the largest list of freebies in the USA you have come to the right place. We host over 600 freebie offers in our extensive database – and between seven and eight are added each day.

There are literally hundreds of companies based in the U.L that make free offers available for those using the Internet – the object being to build their brands, a great marketing strategy. These companies know that when someone tries their products they are much more likely to purchase them, in fact, 60% of people go on to purchase these products.

Companies following this type of strategy include global giants such as L’Oreal, Walmart, Garnier, Dove, Nives, Rimmel, Nestle, Kelloggs, Gillette, Wilkinson, Colgate, Pampers, Huggies, Gucci and Lacoste (and there are many more).

So how do you get to enjoy these freebies?

1. Spend some time on our website – all you need to do then is click on the ‘Get Freebies’ link.

2. From there you will be sent to the company’s website – then just enter your name and address.

3. then relax and wait for your freebies to be delivered (that can take up to a month depending on demand).

Many of these companies fulfill thousands of requests each month – so you may need to be a bit patient.

These companies give away a great many freebies. From items for new parents to makeup and skincare products, visiting our website will provide you with some great choices. Check back each day to see our updated lists of exceptional items – all for free.